Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tag Games ::: 11 Questions and answer

The rules :::
*You must post this rules
*Each person must post 11 bout themselves in their journal
*Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post..  And create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer
*You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post
*Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her
*No tag back
*No stuft in tagging section about "You are tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately (a.k.a really, trust with all honestly) have to tag 11 people

Taggers ::: Harizatul Izzayu , Azlaini Amna Adni Sallam and Mizmarmalade...
Tenz to those taggers yang sudi tag Yien...Here is it :)

11 things bout Ayien Ocaca

  • Totally bad in English...and prefer to use Malay to answer all this questions..yup really bad..
  • Aku tak penah berambut pendek...ayah aku tak suke..hehe
  • Simply use powder and eyeliner...even aku gi dating pon, juz pakai 2 benda ni je...tak suke make-up...tapi bukan nye anti make-up k :)
  • Prefer jeans and t-shirt...and honestly tak suke pakai baju kurung -__-"
  • Sangat susah nak bangun pagi...paling awal pon aku bangun tido around 11.30am kalau tak de pape activity...bukan la calon isteri yang baik kan?
  • Makan megi hampir setiap malam sebab aku senang lapar..
  • Sangat obses dengan teddy bear and i have a number of bears as my collection..
  • Sangat suke and kerap hang-out....update dengan movies, gile bowling and karaoke..
  • Selalu mencarut-carut depan lappy kalau ade blogger yang cakap DAH FOLLOW TAPI SEBENAR NYE TAK FOLLOW....aishhh sangat tak suci kan pangai ni...
  • Sangat-sangat malas nak study, tak suke baca novel and tak layan korea..
  • In LOVE with Muhd Fakhri and I do siez in this relationship :) 

1) The most social site do you like? 
2) Do you like my blog? Why?
3) What the best words you like to hear from the person do you love?
4) What do you want the most in your life? 
5) Have you ever hate someone? 
6) Who's your role model?
7) Did you do your prayer enough? 
8) What is your favourite food?
9) The best moment you never forget? 
10) Things that will make you angry of it?
11) Would you be my follower?


  1. Tumblr...
  2. Yup coz it simple and neat...
  3. "Saya cinta awak" instead of "I love you"...
  4. At this moment, i want iPhone 4S...
  5. Yup...You want me to name it?? arghh he's my ex-boyfie...I totally hate him...honestly !!
  6. My family...
  7. juz ordinary people who tend to make mistake...
  8. A lot...chocolate is in the list :)
  9. Every moments as long as Fakhri is by my side...
  10. When people make shit with me and a liar too....
  11. Im already follow your blog... :)

1) Your favourite nickname??
2) Which one would be your choice?? IPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy SII ??
3) Your favourite colour??
4) Single or couple??
5) Your favourite social networking?? Facebook, Tagged, Myspace or the others??
6) Facebook getting bored?? Agree or disagree?? Give me a reason...
7) Do you have a Twitter??
8) Do you have a experience working?? If yes, what kind of work??
9) Still study or working??
10) Do you like English song or Malay song??
11) Yahoo or Gmail...give me your reason


  1. Ayien but people keep calling me as Yien...
  2. iPhone 4S for sure...last touch of Steve Jobs :)
  3. Rainbow...hehe...actually none...
  4. Couple...Im taken by Muhd Fakhri...
  5. So far Tumblr I guest...
  6. Agree...all activities being unprivate and unfwend people can commnet our photo at least they are fwend with people who are tagged in our photo...urghhh
  7. Once...but stop using it with reasons
  8. Yup as................tttttetttttttttt :)
  9. Study at UiTM Melaka
  10. English song...Malay song sound klise and boring...
  11. Gmail....I don't know why..maybe because Yahoo being so complicated :p

1) Full name??
2) r u single or not
3) Facebook or Twitter? why?
4) Berchinta pas or sebelom kawen? Nape?
5) Cita-cita
6) Mom and dad...who are the most sporting??
7) Who are people u admire??
8) Mane tempat yang paling ingin pergi?
9) If you're alone, what should u doing
10 ) much u really known me?


  1.  Siti Noor Farahin Binti Muhd Nor 
  2. Totally not single...
  3. Facebook because I dont have Twitter account
  4. Before because if we're choose a wrong person, at least we've time to change it...marriage juz once in life time...dont regret it :)
  5. I HAVE to be an accountant :(
  6. Daddy
  7. In what field?? entertainment?? Johnny Depp for sure :)
  8. Italy
  9. Listen to music.
  10. Totally bad in grammar and shortform yang sangat la SHORT :)

1)  Nama penuh and nickname kalian
2) Umur?
3) Maih belajar atau sudah berkerjaya? Tempat belajar/ kerja kalian?
4) Status kalian? (Single/married/complicated)
5) Hobi kalian
6) Penah tak gaduh gile-gile dengan orang disekeliling kalian? 
7) Makanan & minuman kegemaran?
8) Pernah menangis tak? (Jujur taw,tamo tipu)
9) Hasrat/ impian/ cita-cita kalian?
10) Perkara yang paling membanggakan yang pernah korang wat?
11) Kalian lahir and menetap di mana sekarang ?


  1. Siti Noor Farahin Muhd Nor but people used to call me Yien :)
  2. 19 on 2011...
  3. Study at UiTM Melaka
  4. Alaaa jawapan Yien tak de dalam list la....Im taken by Muhd Fakhri
  5. Facebook-ing, blogging and shopping is my habit...My hobby is listen to music kot... :)
  6. Yup...hehe...penah :) Yian sangat nakal and jahat waktu zaman sekolah and mentah :p
  7. I love cake and chocolate...and Starbucks addict too :)
  8. Im juz an ordinary harus la menangis kan walaupon ianya tak cumil :p
  9. To be a better person :) actually banyak sangat...and one of it is kawen dengan Fakhri...HAHA...
  10. Sound klise...tapi Yien bangga stay up sampai tengah malam sebab study tok final exam hari tu...
  11. Born at Melaka and stay here too...

1) Which one would you prefer to follow?? Blog with simple deco but awesome entry OR blog with cute stuft but has nothing?? 
2) Do you like wearing yellow? 
3) Straight or curl hair? which one would suit me? 
4) What the diferences between CONTEST, GIVEAWAY and SEGMEN? 
5) Love chocolate?? What brand? 
6) Like or dislike my blog? let me know why... 
7) Single, taken, engaged, married or divorce ?? 
8 ) Like milk?? 
9 ) Are you seriously answer all the questions that I gave to you?? 
10) Are you afraid of something? name it... 
11) Would you like to keep in touch with me by shouting me when you update your blog??

Jom jawab SOKLAN ni :)
BTW kalau sape2 yang tag Yien, sorry ea...Yien tak jawab lagi kot....bukan sombong,berlagak atau besar kepala....tapi...............................
ehhhh bukan malas.....
hehehehehe....sorry :)

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adni sallam said...

hehe,nice.....actually i always want to improve my self .so,i hope sameday,i will.:-)..i jenis person yg suka straight to the point.short n simple..

Anonymous said...

hehe sebenarnya sis dah join game ni 2 hari lepas :)

bloghok said...

sebenarnya aku xjoin lagi

EykaShah said...

tengss yien coz tag nma eyka kat sini .. nice lha ..

Anonymous said...

rajin ye main2 answer question , hee :)

Harizatul Izzayu :) said...

Heee thanks jawab soalah2 tu :D

Cik Kay Jue said...

thnks sgt2 sebab tag CKJ, yien. maaf sgt2 CKJ tak dapt nk join sebab CKJ tengah busy dengn practical test. kalau yien ada terjah blog CKJ entry pun tak sempat update. :P insyallah lain kali kalau yien tag CKJ, CKJ join. thnks a lot yeah. ^_^

Ayyunie . said...

sudahh jawab ! :D